Build Bots without allocating precious internal tech resources

Start with BMT's "No Integration" Facebook chatbots leveraging existing responsive websites

Have BMT integrate to your existing API's to get even more powerful chatbots

Conversational Commerce - The
Next Generation of User Interaction

  • Always Instantly Available
  • Zero Footprint, No App to Install
  • Proactive and Interactive
  • Understands Context

Messaging is the
Dominant form of Personal Communication

In the US and globally messaging dominates all other mobile use - more than voice, more than gaming - it's what people do with their phones

Businesses need
to join the conversation

People communicate with people via chat and messaging. "No one wants to call a business or download another app".

better than a phone call
better than an email

Instant consumer response, no frustrating hold time or rep multitasking, instant consumer attention


BMT Rapid Bot Development


One Chatbot - Many Channels

Build you bot once and publish it on Facebook, SMS, WebChat, AppChat, Slack, Kik and more

Stateful communication across channels

Customers can start a conversation on webchat and continue on sms or Facebook

Integrated Natural Language Understanding

Uses latest advances in AI and neural nets and leverages NLU from Google, Microsoft and Facebook data

20+ languages

Publish your bot once in English and will be instantly available in Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and more

Bot Authoring and Testing Tools

Supports A/B testing and Agile development

Designed for Financial Services

Platform built with fin tech in mind leveraging deep expertise, integration-ready

100% Pure Cloud (PaaS)

Hosted in Microsoft Azure PaaS Cloud providing excellent service, performance, scalability and economics.

DashBoard and Reporting

Your customer, your data - track hits, users, sessions, resolutions and more

Last Month Consumers sent Businesses
Over 2 BILLION Messages

Are You in the Conversation?

Are you learning to use chat, SMS and Messenger to replace expensive/slow telephone and email communication?

Cap One, Wells Fargo, Western Union, MoneyGram are all using chatbots.

Bot Maker Tech can get you up and going quickly so you can start learning how your customers are adopting and adapting to the new world of business to consumer communication.